I’m excited this morning because My warlock, Vereava, got his Dreadsteed and headed to Outlands yesterday. Sunday, otherwise known in our MotD as “Undead Jesus Day” was also a landmark day in Azeroth raiding, as Blood Fist cleared both Zul’gurub and Molten Core in a single night’s blitzkrieg of level 70 pwnage. Why? Boredom, mostly. Most of our core raiders spent the day with their families. Some of us spent the day playing WoW. /shrug

I believe a few low 60s alts attended the raids and did in fact pick up a few useful epics from the Old World raids. No mounts dropped however, though it hardly dampened the spirits of a few of our most dedicated raiders who were quite happy just to blast through some familiar content with friends without any sort of pressure whatsoever. Purpose fulfilled. Personally I sat out on most of the MC run, jumping in just before Majordomo to lend a motley raid of alts and new characters a much-needed Eternal Quintessence, an item I have restrained from destroying for just such an occasion. There were so few attuned raiders yesterday that they formed a few groups to run through BRD just so they could participate in the mayhem. I did however run the full ZG. We blasted our way through the Troll city in less than 40 minutes. Grail even tried to wipe us on several occasions, claiming to be in “rare form.” This usually entails a great deal of profanity and mischief, with the potential for a good old-fashioned /gkick for some hapless but deserving toon. No /gkick this time. /sigh

So I have to thank Sizzlorr and of course My eternal companion Malta for their help with Vereava’s Dreadsteed. Sizzlorr went out of his way under time constraints to run the ritual for Me while Malta and I battled legions of Imps for the right to claim the epic mount spell. I’ve waited a long time at the door to DM for the opportunity to snare a 70 ‘lock and I finally got My chance. It was worth the wait. I could ride out to the Dark Portal in style:

Vereava and Dreadsteed

I take a lot of screenshots. I hope this can become a regular feature of this blog. Well I’m off to Outlands. I have some catching up to do.